mPulse Sauna Features

SoloCarbon Custom Spectrum Heating Technology

The most advanced and robust full-spectrum heater on the market, it takes all the health benefits associated with SoloCarbon and expands the potential.

Full spectrum allows the sauna to distribute precise wavelengths to more effectively deliver new health benefits. Individually control heating zones to deliver different benefits to multiple people in a given sauna session. NIR predominant wavelength for cell health, wound healing and skin purification; MIR for weight loss, pain relief and improved circulation (passive cardio workout); FIR for detoxification (core temp increase), blood pressure reduction and relaxation.


Bio-Feedback Capabilities

Our exclusive bio-feedback accessories (Heart Rate Monitor, Intelli-Watch, Data Drive and Running Sensor) offer dual functionality: While inside the sauna, you can track your heart rate increase and calories burned; outside of the sauna, you can measure your distance from running or walking.

Your mPulse sauna session becomes even more personalized, when you are able to measure and track the health benefits you are enjoying. With the introduction of our ANT-powered scale to track body mass index changes and an HRM sensor to track core temperature increases, you will enjoy personalized health measurements that help you plot and attain your wellness goals.



LCD Touch-Screen Control Panel

Now you can control the majority of your sauna's functionality through a full-color LCD touch-screen. Designed to provide instant access to all health benefits, you may use the LCD touch-screen to choose the specific sauna program and personalize heater settings to suit your needs. It also comes with swivel ability for easy DVD viewing. In addition, the mPulse saunas have a USB port for future software updates (note: MP3 input is in the stereo).


Ergonomic, Floating Benches

Each of the benches are floating, allowing for easy removal and offering additional legroom when needed. Relax, stay comfortable, and enjoy your sauna session. If you like, remove the benches and make full use of the floor space for stretching or yoga. A chiropractor was consulted in creating a bench design that reduced stress on the body. Once you’ve spent a little time in your new sauna, you’ll see why we went to such lengths to offer you the ultimate in spa seating comfort.


FSC-Certified Wood: Cedar, Basswood, and Teak

Sunlighten is the first company to offer a line of saunas that comes standard with FSC-certified wood. Under the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification, indigenous rights are respected, environmental conservation values are not only maintained but enhanced, and harvesting must meet both national laws and international treaties. This certification shows that Sunlighten is holding our new products to the highest environmental standards. As an industry leader, we are encouraging our competition to follow our lead in becoming more sustainable and socially responsible. You can feel good knowing that the trees used in the production of your sauna have been replanted in a sustainable manner.


Carbonized Bamboo Heater Cover Backrests

Strategically designed to maximize usable bench width, the heater cover backrests are made from an anti-bacterial carbonized bamboo material that not only neutralizes odor, but is taut enough to double as a backrest. The design was inspired by the award-winning Herman Miller office chairs, which also use a breathable material to provide the utmost in comfort and support.

By combining the backrests with the heater covers, space is maximized within the sauna. Your comfort is optimized – given that the carbonized bamboo fabric will contour to your back. The use of carbonized bamboo not only helps improve the air quality within the sauna, but it also helps emit infrared rays, fostering greater blood circulation and other health benefits.


Fully Dimmable Lighting

The lighting in your new mPulse sauna is bright enough for reading and fully dimmable. Designed to be both fully functional and to allow for mood lighting when desired, the lighting system creates a relaxing atmosphere to complement your every sauna session.



Patented Magne-Seal™ Assembly

Our system of magnetic connectors allows the mPulse sauna to be assembled without any visible screws or clips, prolongs cabinetry life, and creates natural tolerance as the wood contracts and expands over time. Setting up your sauna is a snap (literally, as the walls magnetically snap together). This is why Sunlighten can offer a lifetime warranty, even against cracking, while the competition cannot.


Canadian Residential Warranty

Lifetime Warranty on Wood and Electronics

1 Year Warranty on Stereo

Canadian Commercial Warranty

5 Year Warranty on Wood and Electronics

1 year Warranty on Stereo