eMPOWER in Hypo-allergenic Basswood eMPOWER in Cedar eMPOWER in Teak

Exterior 85.6"W x 70.9D x 76.6"H

Interior 79.6"W x 64.9"D x 70.6"H

28" door width

240 Volt 20 Amp 

17 heaters - 7555 sq. in.

Available with optional SO Sound and/or Chromotherapy Lighting with remote control

If you’re a discerning sauna enthusiast, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the mPulse eMPOWER infrared sauna – Sunlighten’s largest, most comfortable, and best infrared sauna to date!

At Sunlighten, we call the eMPOWER “the ultimate escape.” If you desire only the best sauna, nothing else compares in size, quality, and built-in technology like the eMPOWER infrared sauna. The details speak for themselves.

As stated, the eMPOWER is the best infrared sauna Sunlighten offers. The eMPOWER comes equipped with a 7” LCD touch-screen and ergonomic floating benches. The eMPOWER features SoloCarbon Custom Spectrum infrared sauna heating technology capable of addressing a variety of research-backed health benefits. With FSC-certified wood (in Canadian cedar, hypo-allergenic basswood or teak), bamboo heater covers, and built with great energy efficiency, the eMPOWER in not only the best infrared sauna we offer but one of the most eco-friendly saunas on the market!

The eMPOWER by Sunlighten is a masterpiece of sauna craftsmanship.