cONQUER in Hypo-allergenic Basswood cONQUER in Cedar cONQUER in Teak

Exterior 70.6"W x 47.6"D x 76.6"H

Interior 64.6"W x41.6"D x 70.6"H

28" door width

240 Volt 20 Amp 

11 heaters - 4963 sq. in.

Available with optional SO Sound and/or Chromotherapy Lighting with remote control


If you read the infrared sauna reviews, you know that the cONQUER 3 - 4 person sauna system from Sunlighten is a winning combination of highest-quality sauna components and high-technology that addresses comfort, wellness, and whole body needs in your home or office.

The SoloCarbon Custom Spectrum full-spectrum infrared sauna heating technology is central to the high marks Sunlighten received from recent infrared sauna reviews. This unique sauna heating system addresses a variety of research-backed health benefits that includes detoxification, weight loss, pain relief, and high blood pressure. Also, our FSC-certified wood composition, bamboo heater covers, and energy efficiency make the cONQUER sauna one of the greenest saunas on the market! 

Along with the other models in the mPulse Smart Sauna series, the cONQUER three - four person sauna features a built-in biofeedback monitor, as well as a 7” state-of-the-art LCD touch-screen.

If you’ve read the sauna reviews and are now interested in how you may purchase one of our unique cONQUER saunas, contact RiverRoots today!